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Cambodia Highlights 6 Days - CCT05 - Cambodia Highlights

This tour offers you the opportunity to admire the most amazing place in Cambodia, from Phnom Penh, the developed capital with the renowned Royal Palace to the mysterious heritage Angkor Wat in Siem Reap.

Travel to Vietnam & Cambodia 16 Days - Travel to Vietnam & Cambodia

All of Vietnam & Cambodia's most beautiful destinations will be wrapped up in a two-week package. Best price offered by Asiatica Travel.

Authentic Indochina Crossing 21 Days - IAD02-Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

A mythical river runs through the three countries of Indochina, the mighty Mekong. A shared history, sometimes common sometimes distant, has shaped the cultural wealth and uniqueness of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia alike. More and more travelers are looking to discover the three on one journey. With this tour, Asiatica Travel makes just that possible. From the splendor of the Angkor temples, the emerald jewel that is Halong Bay to the romantic city of Luang Prabang, you will get to see it all.


Spend 21 days exploring the very best of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia!

Along the border of Indochina 18 Days - IAD01- Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

This journey will enable you to explore the borders of Indochina, lined with spectacular landscapes and remarkable cultural heritage. Commencing in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, with its thousand-year history and charming colonial architecture, you will continue your travel in the mountainous northwest where you will encounter the vibrant culture of ethnic minority people. Then on to Halong Bay and Tam Coc which host the most fantastic of natural landscapes in the northeast of Vietnam.

A Taste of Exoticism 16 Days - ILU02- Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

This tour is specially designed for tourists who have limited time but want to gain an overview of Indochina. With luxurious hotels and a relaxing pace, this journey brings you the finest experience from North to South Vietnam and overland into Laos and Cambodia. Each country boasts its own exquisite culture and nature just waiting to be discovered. 


Splendid Indochina 17 Days - ILU01- North to South Vietnam and Cambodia

This is a journey of ultimate luxury and splendor. You will stay in the finest hotels across Vietnam and Cambodia, and discover the most significant natural and cultural wonders the countries have to offer. Indulge in comfort and experience the finest art of hospitality with us!

Overland in Vietnam and Cambodia 21 Days - ICT02- Vietnam and Cambodia

This 21 day tour will allow you to get to know Vietnam and Cambodia in depth. Our emphasis throughout the journey is to facilitate as much direct contact with the local hosts as possible and thereby encourage you to really get under the skin of these two magnificent countries.

Vietnam - Cambodia In Depth 21 Days - IOB02- North to South Vietnam and Cambodia

Nothing is quite as rewarding as visiting the Vietnamese and Cambodian countryside, where manual labor has not yet been replaced by industrialization, and where customs and traditions are the same as they have been for thousands of years. This tour is ideal for tourists who are looking to go back to the roots on their travels in Indochina.

Exploring Indochina's South 10 Days - IOB03- Southern Vietnam, North to South Cambodia

This tour is ideal for customers who are looking to only explore South Vietnam and Cambodia. It is perfect for those who love tropical vibrancy, as these regions enjoy heat and sunshine almost all year round, even when North Vietnam is going through its chilly winter.


This ten-day itinerary covers all highlights the countries have to offer. From the colonial charm and amazing nightlife of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to the endless maze of waterways and crowded floating markets of the Mekong Delta - you will explore them all. Combined with discovering the Angkor treasures (Angkor Wat) and a city tour of tranquil Phnom Penh where time seems to stand still, this journey will give you a comprehensive and enchanting experience of the South of Indochina.


Catch a glimpse of the authentic essence of Vietnam and Cambodia!

A Trail of Smiles 14 Days - IOB01- A Trail of Smiles

With this tour, Asiatica Travel seeks to show you an authentic image of Vietnam and Cambodia. Two countries that will dazzle you with their captivating landscapes, exotic culture and welcoming people. 

Wonderful Cambodia 10 Days - CLT04 - Wonderful Cambodia

Perfectly tailored for all of you, this trip will allow the tourists to experience the best of the majestic  region of the Cambodian, discovering the ancient relics of Angkor which is said to symbolize the soul of the Khmers. With inspiring attractions and activities, we will absolutely make your traveling dream come true!

Cambodia - The Hidden Charm 6 Days - CLT03 - Cambodia - The Hidden Charm

No matter where we travel in Cambodia, the ruins of the past present. From Phnom Penh - the vibrant bustling capital with various historic sites and monuments  to Siem Reap with the amazing Angkor complex, you will be impressed.  This is a trip of endless inspirations!

Splendid Angkor and more 5 Days - CLT02-Northern Cambodia

The ruins of Angkor- a well known world heritage are located amid forests and farmland to the north of the Great Lake (Tonle Sap) and 7km north of Siem Reap. The temples of the Angkor area number over one thousand were constructed from the ninth to the thirteenth century, many of them have been restored, and together, they comprise the most significant site of Khmer architecture.

Cambodia - Exploring and Relaxation 9 Days - CCT04 - Cambodia - Exploring and Relaxation

Specially designed to satisfy even the hardest guests, this trip by Asiatica will not only bring you an authentic touch of the country's religious architecture but also take you to the beach paradise where you can have memorable relaxing moments for a lifetime.

At the Heart of Khmer Civilization 12 Days - CAM01 - At the Heart of Khmer Civilization

In Cambodia, you will be captivated by the incomparable languor of a kingdom that continues beyond its own remains. The word "explore" takes on its full meaning here, when we move from the temples of Angkor to the particular charm of Cambodian cities.

It is then a journey through time that constantly generates contrasting, moving and lasting emotions.


From the incredible greatness of the Khmer kingdom to the most recent terrible tears, it is impossible to travel to Cambodia without being immersed in History.

But the country has much more to offer: the legendary kindness and smile of its inhabitants, the paradisiacal beaches of the south, the authentic and preserved landscapes in the north and the center, the languid and then hectic cities according to the time of day...


Fascinating Cambodia 5 Days - CCT03 - Fascinating Cambodia

Considered as one of the jewels of Asia, together with its wealth of natural beauty and amazing heritage sites, Cambodia attracts millions of visitors from all over the world to come and discover. A genuine experience for all of you to discover the Cambodia!

Exotic Cambodia 7 Days - CCT01 - Exotic Cambodia

Cambodia is worldwide known as “the land of smiles” and “a land of hidden treasures”. This is a journey of dream, a journey of legends and a journey of wonder that will last in your memory for a life time.

The Secret of Cambodia 10 Days - COB03 - The Secret of Cambodia

This tour allows you to discover the historic and authentic Cambodia. Started with chaotic charming capital Phnom Penh. The next destination is Kratie known for its pleasing riverside scenery and pretty villages and padd. Conclude the tour at Siem Reap to step deeply into the ancient history of Khmer empire


Cambodia - On The Road 7 Days - COB02 - Cambodia - On The Road

The trip will help you to get closer to the lives of Cambodians with many interesting activities.  Extending three days to discover Angkor complex to Phnom Penh, Udong, Battambang: contemplating the temples and museums, taking a trip boat in the floating village of Kompong Luong, trying the Bamboo train and exploring the local life in Battambang.

Welcome to Cambodia 9 Days - COB01 - Welcome to Cambodia

With a nine day tour, you will discover from the one of the world's most magnificent sights Angkor complex to its pristine coastline in the south west. 

Exploring Cambodia 14 Days - CAD03-Laos and Combodia

Starting the trip at the border gate between Laos & Cambodia, you will extend into to discover much less developed sites in Cambodia but it remains natural beauty and less touristy. Authentic and memorable experience awaits you!

Naturally Cambodia 10 Days - CAD02 - Naturally Cambodia

This is the ultimate journey with setting out from the hit capital Phnom Penh, following  a exploration  the hill area of Rattanak Kiri. Heading back to Mekong  at Kratie for an encounter with elusive Irrawaddy river dolphins. On the way to Siem  Reap, stop at Kampong Thom to visit Sambor Prei Kuk. Travelling to Cambodia to explore the real treasure of the humankind!


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